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May. 23rd, 2013 06:09 pm
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So this is my account. I thought I would hop over here and make one, hoping things are a bit more lively than my sad LJ account. I love fanfiction, and I know I can find that here as well.

So it was take my cat to the vet day today. I should introduce my cat. her name is Ruby Cadha. She's five and I rescued her from the Humane society. I adore her. So it went well, and she did way better than I thought she would. She's the best cat though, very sweet.

My girlfriend and I chatted off and on all day. She lives in another state, so we use the fantabulous forms of communication that today's technology affords! It's good.

Spent time with my best friend, who even helped me get my cat to the vet, and we had pizza.

I am far to sleepy to be making an entry that would in any way impress anyone .

I am a massive Supernatural fan, and read slash fanfiction from many different ships. My OTP is Destiel. I also have recently gotten into Crowlstiel, even though I can find no fics at all for it. I will find some, I am very determined.

Anyway til nice to meet yuo all adn hopefully I will make interesting enteries when I am less sleepy!
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